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Reshape Wine Industry Landscape --- Build a New World of Ecological and Intelligent Wine Industry

The World's First Decentralized Consumer Ecosystem Directly Connecting Wine Manufacturer and Consumer

CLC Ecology

Smart contract

Block chain and Smart Contract can provide the tools and frameworks needed to create new generation markets in which the supply and demand side can participate in credible trading activities according to various business rules without the need for a central brokerage entity.


The payment process in e-commerce currently includes more than 10 different transaction settlement steps and up to 15 payment gateway fees. Therefore, transactions with fees accounting for 2-6% of total sales can use block chains to reduce transaction fees.

Supply Chain Management

E-commerce companies must manage complex supply chains composed of manufacturers, third-party suppliers, operators and logistics providers。Block chain is the recording system of the whole transaction. It not only records transactions, but also facilitate the whole process.

About us

The Cellar Fund has been deeply researching the wine industry chain for many years, pioneered the first new retail model of " unmanned sales + blockchain" in the world, and has long been committed to exploring wine industry ecosystem.
We are open to cooperate with industrial partners to provide customers with competitive, safe and reliable products through Smart Contract management, payment optimization and supply chain management optimization. We aim to maintain an ecosystem so that consumers could buy wine at a lower price and suppliers could sell products directly without distributors, so as to fundamentally eliminate fake wine and protect consumers' rights and interests in an all-round way. We are committed to reshaping the wine industry landscape through blockchain technology and finally forming a new de-centralized wine consumer ecosystem with CLC as a link.

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Start From

2018/08/01 8am

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Payment Methods


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Lower limit

5,000,000.00 USDT

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Upper limit

12,000,000.00 USDT

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Token Exchange Rate

1 USDT= 5.6 CLC 代币

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Total Amount


After the ETO phase, no tokens will be created, cast or mined, and can only be transferred. The funds will be returned to the participants if failing to meet the minimum target. ETO will end immediately after reaching the maximum target.

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